Oct 05 , 2015

Dale Nielsen

How To Guide for Making the Perfect Turkey

Getting it Right Without Risk Americans have a love affair with two things: Thanksgiving and turkeys. Thanksgiving is the major holiday least influ...

Sep 17 , 2015

Alex Liu

Keys to Independent Senior Living

Keys to Independent Senior Living   My grandmother, Ethridge Shadoan, is 95 years old. Three years ago, she had to move down to Florida from her ...

Aug 18 , 2015

Dale Nielsen

5 Ways to have a great College experience

5 Ways to have a great College experience   College can be an amazing and educational experience for people today. From teaching valuable life sk...

Aug 18 , 2015

dave nelson

Gift Ideas For College Students

Summer is almost over and the time is near for you to buy some gifts for your son or daughter who is headed off to college in a few weeks. College ...

Dec 31 , 2014

dave nelson

Studying all night

I remember back in my college days, I had a history final.  It was going to be on this book about some ancient greek guy, and I hadn't read it, des...

May 09 , 2014

dave nelson

Increase your chances of being found alive

We all know that we live in a dangerous world.  America witnessed the devastation of Katrina, and super storm Sandy.  In even more recent memory we...