About Us

The Story of an Extra Loud Alarm Clock – The Screaming Meanie

In the early 1990’s, inspired by a truck driver who struggled to wake up at the odd hours required for his job, we developed the technology to produce ear deafening noise from a tiny box not much larger than a deck of cards. 

The Screaming Meanie was born soon after, and quickly became a success story with over a million units sold. Nearly thirty years later, the Screaming Meanie is still wildly popular and the best product of its kind. 

While long haul truckers originally helped popularize our product, it has proven to possess a much wider appeal today. Students, salesmen, doctors, plumbers, repairmen, the hearing impaired, and many more are finding the Screaming Meanie to be their pocket-sized alarm clock. 

At Screaming Meanie, we are willing to question convention and think outside the box. Over the past few decades, we’ve kept a close eye on other products and ideas that appeal to us based on quality, value, and maybe a good sense of humor. Which product will enjoy runaway success comparable to the Screaming Meanie?

Over the next several weeks and months, don’t be surprised to see some really unique things here. We’ve decided to select some of the most interesting, useful, and quality products out there, add them to our site, and stand behind them with the same level of responsive customer service that Screaming Meanie is known for.

We like doing things differently and think that our customers will embrace our sense of adventure and our taste for underlying product value with a distinctive edge.

 We hope you find something you can’t resist.