Gift Ideas For College Students

Summer is almost over and the time is near for you to buy some gifts for your son or daughter who is headed off to college in a few weeks. College students don't typically have much money to spend so it is a great idea for mom and dad to go out and get some items they really need. When they head back to school, they are going to need to get ready for that long walk to classes, many times early in the morning. They are going to need an alarm clock. Not just any clock, but a nice loud alarm clock that grabs their attention for that eight o'clock class all the way across campus. You can even add the touch of getting a loud one with a radio built in so it would grab their attention even more.

Gifts for college students could include a microwave. It does not have to be big, just big enough that they can heat up a piece of pizza they bought the night before or a TV dinner. Microwaves are not all that expensive anymore, and a gift like that can really make a difference.

When college students wake up in the morning after a long night of studying or cramming for that all important exam, they could sure use a hot cup of coffee. A coffee maker with a built in timer is just what they need. They can prepare their coffee make the night before, and when they get up a nice hot pot of coffee is ready to greet them.

Going back to school is tough for college students since they have a large work load ahead of them. Make them comfortable. Give them a nice warm blanket to cuddle up with on cold winter nights. They will appreciate you.