Increase your chances of being found alive

We all know that we live in a dangerous world.  America witnessed the devastation of Katrina, and super storm Sandy.  In even more recent memory we had a landslide in Oso Washington, and destructive storms in Oklahoma.  The planet and the weather do not care about us as people.  They do what they wish.


That is why we're happy to present the Screaming Meanie as a survival tool in case of disaster.  By activating the beacon function (pressing the key and beacon together) the device will sound a 120 db alarm for 10 seconds every 5 minutes.  This will dramatically increase the chances of being found by rescuers.


It is also very handy to have along if you're skiing or hiking, should you need to be found because of being lost, or because of an avalanche.


Buy you screaming meanie today, don't wait until you need it!