Keys to Independent Senior Living

Keys to Independent Senior Living


My grandmother, Ethridge Shadoan, is 95 years old. Three years ago, she had to move down to Florida from her beloved Kentucky home, so that my mother could care for her. If she had the choice, she would have stayed in the place that she knew all her life. She had friends there, and it was a small town, so many people knew her by name. When my grandfather passed away, my family tried to let her stay on her own, as she wished, but when she had a stroke a couple of years later, we knew that she could not be alone anymore.


The longing to live independently is common for many seniors. Living in a home that you love and cherish, gives you a certain sense of comfort.


Normally, as people get older, they honestly have no desire to move to a new town or meet a whole new group of people. Instead, they find peace in the familiar places and faces that they have grown to know and love.


Unlike my grandmother, some seniors have never experienced a stroke, or anything else that prevented them from being able to live independently. In fact, many seniors are perfectly capable of living on their own, if they just have the right tools to do so.


Daily Struggles


The most recognized struggles of senior living are usually safety related. The elderly are more at risk for preventable accidents, like falling or getting hurt.


As a result, many products have been made to keep these types of situations from happening. Inventions like chairs that help you go up and down the stairs, or emergency services that are just a button push away, are just a couple of examples.


Of course, these types of tools are great for helping seniors do very difficult tasks. They could even save lives… but what about the smaller tasks of daily life? What about the tasks that wouldn’t even cross the minds of most young people? Things like remembering to take your pills, or not being able to hear the sound of your alarm when your hearing aid isn’t in. You know, the small (yet very bothersome) daily struggles that only seniors would understand!


Well, I believe that the key to happy, safe, independent senior living is through making those small things easier.

Problem Solved


Sometimes, seniors just need to be reminded to do their daily tasks in the first place. What if you had one device that could help you remember things throughout your entire day? Well I have found one great tool for this called The Screaming Meanie.


It may sound like a funny name, but I am telling you, it works. The Screaming Meanie is an alarm …. (fill in your info)




Think of the problems you have daily and try to find ways to make them easier. Sometimes when problems occur, we just try to deal with them. We don’t consider ways to improve or we may not even know a solution exists. Good news is, you are reading this article, so you are already one step closer to improvement.


Even though you are in your own home, always be extra cautious to avoid accidents. Being comfortable in familiar surroundings is great, but don’t forget that you are not the same as you were twenty years ago. Be extra conscience of your safety and just take things slow.


It is OK to ask for help. Just because you are living independently, does not mean you are isolated from outside help. Never feel ashamed or embarrassed to have someone come and assist you in your daily activities. If you care about yourself, then you should allow others care for you too.



Clearly, senior living can have its hardships but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to make it easier each day. Living independently helps you feel confident and capable. It allows you to live your life normally, with a sense of belonging. Don’t allow the little tasks of life get in the way of your happiness. Instead, use tools to fix your problems. Be smart, and live free.