Screaming Meanie 220
Extra loud 120 dB Alarm Clock and Timer.
Simple to Set. Easy to Use.

$ 41.99

Free shipping in U.S. AND 1 FREE DURACELL 9V BATTERY

Are you looking for an alarm clock you are guaranteed to hear?

For 20 years, Screaming Meanie 220 has been the most effective travel alarm clock on the market. No other alarm clock can awaken even the deepest sleepers as reliably as Screaming Meanie can. You will be shocked at the volume level of our alarm.

Color :
$ 39.99

Pacific Cornetta

Screaming Gadget

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Free Standard Shipping in U.S. 

Are you looking for an alarm clock you are guaranteed to hear?

Simple to Set. Easy to Use.

Clear instructions printed directly on the case. 

Compact Design

Our pocket-sized design allows you to take it anywhere. 

Reliable Timer

Can’t be shut off in your sleep. It takes both hands. 

3 Loudness Settings

70 dB, 90 dB, and 120 dB. 120 dB is equivalent to a chain saw at close range.

Pre-Alarm Feature

Just in case you want to snooze a bit.


    Requires one 9v battery for operation. One free battery will be included when you shop with us!

    *Colors are assorted. You will receive a random color (black, yellow, or green) with your order

    Product Weight: 8 oz. in packaging.

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