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Screaming Meanie Forte - Best Loudest Alarm Clock for Bedrooms

We at screaming meanie have been working long and hard to bring to you a home version of our classics.  We put extensive thought into the functions and designs of our newest addition Forte!  Forte is the loudest digital alarm clock for the bedrooms.  It is ideal for elderly, teens and heavy sleepers.

We believe a reliable alarm clock should behave like a mission critical device, always on and always available. Our Forte is bursting with modern day functionalities, including customizable timer settings, a seamless navigation system, and ten easy to remember icons. Not to mention the ear-splitting 100 dB alarm. Take a quick look at the full list of features we’ve packed into this beautiful package on Kickstarter. 

At Screaming Meanie we take our commitment to our backers seriously, we do not believe our backers should assume the risks of product development. That’s why your valued and important support will only go toward raw material procurement and the logistics of getting Forte delivered to you. 

We know our design will be a great addition in your home, please support us and be one of the first to own the world’s best alarm clock .

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