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$ 59.99 $ 69.99 Pre-order your Forte <br>The Best Alarm Clock Pre-order your Forte <br>The Best Alarm Clock Pre-order your Forte <br>The Best Alarm Clock Pre-order your Forte <br>The Best Alarm Clock Pre-order your Forte <br>The Best Alarm Clock


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Introducing Forte

A sensible way to be alarmed

Forte, the latest member of our alarm clocks collection, is based on the success of our previous product: Screaming Meanie. Tired of sleeping through the alarm? Or do you just hit the snooze button over and over again? Forte is here to help!

Have a closer look

Forte has it all – A large-display clock, clear audio speaker, volume control up to whopping 100 dB, 5 different levels of brightness, support for 10 languages and a lot more!

Perfect for those who need extra effort to wake up. Are you a heavy sleeper and are often worried about sleeping through the alarm? Don’t worry, Forte alarm clock has one of the loudest alarms in the market. It’ll make sure you are wide awake in a matter of a few seconds, literally. We are proud of our idea and we are sure you will be too – say hello to the alarm clock that you have been waiting for.

Forte Features

6 customizable alarms

Have a busy schedule? Don’t worry! Forte will have you covered and make sure you never miss a chore. Whether it is about waking up, going to bed, taking medications, watching your favorite show or attending that all important parent-teacher conference, you can set a customizable reminder for anything you want, once a week or every day.  Exactly as per your preferences!

10 Reminder Icons 

When an alarm pulls you back from deep space 9,  delusion is a common side effect.  You've forgot the time of day, day of the week, and worst of all, why the alarm is screaming at me...Forte will display your preset reminder icon to help you get back on your feet. 

9 inch easy-to-read screen

Have a poor eyesight or you just have a hard time reading the time on your smartphone? No matter, our large 9-inch display will make sure you don’t have to strain to check the time. A big enough display to see clearly at a glance and is easy on the eyes is just what you need.  

Support for 10 languages

We truly designed Forte for everyone – with support for 10 languages, you can easily choose the language that you understand.

Volume control Up to 100 dB

An alarm clock that bears repeating, given the decibel level at which it sounds up, even those with hearing problems are unlikely to miss it! Simply put, consider Forte as your reliable punctuality coach, always ensuring you are on time for everything.

Control brightness just the way you want

Forte offers 5 different brightness settings to accommodate sleepers with different light preferences, as well as a dimming night shift function that helps you have a peaceful sleep without getting distracted.

4 Easy-to-read layouts


Ever feel a bit OCD about the time layouts? Rest assured that Forte is a clock that truly reflects individual style. From your desired layout to color, you can fully customize this alarm clock and feel good every time you look at it!

Next Alarm Countdown 

It has happened to the best of us, you must get up at 4 AM for a flight.  You set your clock for 4 PM and sleep right through your trip, or you keep waking up at night to check to make sure you set the darn thing right.  With our countdown display feature, you will always know when your next alarm is going to sound.

Adjustable Stand

Traditionally alarm clocks just sit on your nightstand if you want it at a different viewing angles you’re stuck.  With the Forte we created a stand that adjusts so you can have it display from almost 90 degrees to flat.

Who needs a Forte?

After you retire, you have the time to peruse the things you never had time for before. Learning to ballroom dance, play the tuba, or finally finish off that stamp collection can be top priorities. Even in retirement, your life is busy, and reminders for medication or other important things like doctors’ visits can be daunting.  Forte was designed with you in mind.  Set up to 6 alarms that will display an icon to remind you what the alarm is for.  Medicine, doctor visits, meals and more.

Being a heavy sleeper can be a blessing and a curse.  It’s great to be able to sleep like a baby while the busy world continues around you.  However, a lot of brainpower can go into finding a way to reliably wake up on time. Getting to school or work on time can become daunting when a weak alarm clock is ignored while you fight dragons in your sleep.  At up to 100 dB, Forte can rescue you from dreamland.

Busy parents work hard for their families.  Constantly doing laundry, cooking, dishes, soccer practices and more are daily activities.  We’ve all relied on our phones for alerts for important reminders, but unlike a smart phone, a toddler won’t steal Forte and run into their room draining the battery playing Talking Tom.  You will never accidentally forget to charge Forte; it won’t get accidentally left in the car or buried under a pile of laundry making the alert go by unheard. Forte is loud enough to be heard where you are in the house making it a reliable fortress for your important alerts.

Going to high school and college is an exciting time in a young person’s life. So much to learn, exposure to new ideas and new ways of thinking, and the ever present studying to be the best you can be. Endless distractions, from friends and socializing, to electronic devices can keep students up extended hours. Late night study sessions can take their toll too, and young people need more sleep than adults, finding it harder to wake up.  Forte is a great tool to help students ensure that they will be up in time to get ready for the day and take on the world.

Why get a Forte?

Why get a dedicated alarm clock when you have smartphones for checking time, setting reminders and alarms? Here is why Forte aims to save the alarm clocks from extinction.

Check time conveniently

We have all been there before, haven’t we? Not being able to check time super conveniently in the middle of the night? It’s easy to get blinded when you look at your phone and get your sleep disturbed. Not to mention the hundreds of notifications that are likely to catch your attention as well. With Forte’s 9-inch display, you can check the time even half-asleep and go back to resuming the sweet dreams, literally.

Efficient Snoozing

The Forte can't be easily knocked off, tilted, or moved on your nightstand. The Forte’s snooze button is  easy to find, even in a sleepy daze.

Perfect number size

When it comes to digits on the alarm clocks, size does matter. The humongous numbers on Forte make sure that even the most far-sighted will see time in a split second.

It Comes at a Better Price

A comparable setup would cost you more than the Forte alone. We claim that Forte has the most competitive price in the market against the features it offers. Surely, you can’t ask for more.

Thank you so much for your time and for checking this out!  Let's make Forte a reality.

Forte Time Line

We are well along the path of making this item a reality.  See where we are in the process at below.

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